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KELOPURE history

The trade mark of KELOPURE® is registered by Guangzhou KeloEco Environmental Limited.who enjoy more than 10years experience who only provides pure water solutions including industrial pure water use, drinking water plant,sea water desalination plant and in addition to complete line of bottle filling production line 

We provide a vast range of pure plants equipped with the latest technical strengths and innovations, assuring the maximum longevity possible and premium quality in compliance with international standards -- to produce the best quality drinking water. And We are ready to give you the accurate solution paper as well as after sales service
We have successfully supplied more than 1000 Projects of various sizes in Pakistan,Philippine,Myanmar, Maldives,Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa,South America,South East Asia and Eastern Europe.The above projects have covered various industries like Textile, Tanneries, Bottle Water, Beverages, Sugar Mills, Refineries, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels and Resorts etc., globally.

Our specialization and expertise 
includes Industrial pure water use(UPW,HPW)
drinking water plant(SS RO plant, Deionized Water,
Portable Service,DI Tank Exchange,Mobile Water Purification plant)
Sea water desalination plant, 
Offfer complete bottle filling production line 
sea water desalination plant 
offfer complete bottle filling production line 

To Provide Quality Assurance in all our products & services by successfully competing with other players in the field. We are offering highly professional services and reliable products that meet the client’s requirements. Our custodial household maintenance services will be highly appreciated and acknowledged by clients for its quality-centric and client-oriented approach.
Every product & service offered is backed by experts who are specialists in that particular field. Further, we also have a well-defined quality management that takes are of overall working system, ensuring maximum return value of money to the clients.

We are one of the prominent service providers of Water Purification Systems, waste water treatment plant. Our company offers excellent and cost effective after-sales services to clients to clarify their each and every doubt. Our efficient team of customer care executives work on 24x7x365 base.
 And to ascertain the products’ working status at clients’ place, these executives make continuous calls and according to their information, we offer them particular technical assistance. The problems of our clients are taken into serious consideration as complaints are documented and received by concerned section for easy solution.

Kelopure employs the most caring, knowledgeable, and committed professionals in the industry. There are 10years of combined experience among our team which allows us to exceed our customers' expectations.kelopure are deeply involved with the day to day operations. As a family owned business, we believe strongly in treating our employees and customers like family, with integrity and respect. We take pride in every aspect of our company and feel that these values are reflected in our service.