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Land based 50-60m3/d SWRO plant

KELOPURE sea 60m3 t-2 basic
parker sea 60m3 t-2 basic 
and pressure within the R.O. membrane element 
assemblies. The high quality stainless steel gauge 
is glycerin oil filled for dampening, and provides an 
accurate, smooth reading.
9. The flow by-pass valve allows for the System to be 
started with minimal shock to the R.O. membrane 
elements. This valve should be opened at each start 
up of the System, which allows a large portion of 
the feed water to by-pass the R.O. Membrane and 
discharge back to the feed water. This helps protect 
the membrane from the sudden thrust of water at 
each start up and, in turn, prolong the life of the R.O. 
membrane element.
10. Parker Sea Recovery’s R.O. membrane & vessel 
assemblies consists of an exclusive, unique, high 
pressure and corrosion resistant vessel, which 
houses two or three special spiral wound reverse 
osmosis membrane elements. The R.O. membrane 
elements reject the salt ions present in the feed 
water, but allow the potable H2O molecules to pass 
through the thin membrane surface. A sufficient 
flow of water across the membrane surface must 
be continually in progress in order for the correct 
percentage of salt rejection to occur. Only about 5 to 
10% (sea water systems, per individual membrane 
element) of the system feed water becomes 
fresh product water. The remainder becomes a 
concentrated brine solution which carries rejected