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SS RO Drinking Water Purification System

RO-2000L/h Stainless steel 2 stage DOW USA membrane RO for battery water plant

KYRO-2000L/h Stainless steel 2 stage DOW USA membrane RO for battery water plant 

CE  ISO Approved Professional Water Treatment Factory


Buying Guides

 How To buy:

We offer you one package service for battery water plant 

  1. Please tell us the raw water/source of water.
  2. Please Provide us water analysis report if it is ok for you
  3. Please tell us your required production capacity( 500 liters per hour, 1000 liters per hour…)
  4. What’s the producing pure water used for( drinking, bottle water or industrial use…)
  5. If you have any requirements or some new idea, please just feel free to let us know, we will try our best tomeet your satisfaction .Meanwhile, you will enjoy our professional, considerate service from our teamwork of engineers and salesperson.
  6. When we get your answer about above detailed information, we will design a plan for your confirmation .We send you quotation for confirmation, then both of us sign contract. We will start to produce RO systems after we received your 30% deposit via T/T.
  7. We keep good control of the product quality and production time. We do test our reverse osmosis system before we pack by plywood.
  8. We send you pictures of testing machine, finished products, and package..
  9. The Production time costs about 6-15 days for battery water plant 
  10. We ship the goods with installation video, pictures & user instruction to you before we receive your 70% balance via T/T.
  11. We offer you packing list of complete information and commercial invoice for your cleaning customs successfully.
  12. Thank you so much for your sincerely interest in our products and your value time.Need more information please send us inquiry. Hope we would have a happy cooperation time.

After Sales Service:

      1. One year quality warranty and supply spare parts at low cost for life span after sale.We keep the originaldrawings of  spare parts, so it can match with the rest part of machine.              

      2. 24 hours/365 days online technical service for 20000lph Commercial Ro System .

      3. Training offered


Product Description

 Specifications of battery water plant :

KYRO-2000L/h Stainless steel 2 stage DOW USA membrane RO for battery water plant 

1.Imported USA DOW Membranes
2. CE and ISO Approved
3.97% salt rejection
4. Low pressure  protection


Features of battery water plant :

1. High rejection rate

2. Lower cost and easy operation.

3. Large Production capability, especially suitable

for commercial and industries.

4. Cleaning system is optional if necessary.


 Standard Main Components of battery water plant :

USA DOW Membranes

( 97% average salt rejection)

Raw water pump

Quartz sand filter

Activated carbon filter

Security filter

Scene valves

U-PVC pipe

Stainless steel rack

380V/50Hz/3P power

Reverse osmosis water system

FRP or Stainless steel vessel

Electronic Control System

Nanfang(CNP) High-pressure pump


Optional Components of battery water plant :

UV sterilizer

Water Softener

Ozone Generator

Two-stage RO system

Regulating wheels

Dosing system

Automatic cleaning system

PE,stainless steel or FRP water tank




Every part and function of battery water plant 





  Commodity name




Raw water tank

Store water, buffering pressure, overcome instability of supplying water by pipe, ensure to supply water stably and continuously for whole system

Customer provide for themselves, because big size will result in expensive freight.


Raw water pump(booster pump)

Provide needed pressure for every pretreatment filter

We can provide CNP pumps or Grundfos pumps


Mechanical filter or called quartz sand filter or sand filter

We use fiber glass or stainless steel vessel as housing, fill quarts sand, it can filter big particles impurities, suspended substances, colloids etc.



Activated carbon filter

We use fiber glass or stainless steel vessel as housing, fill activated carbon, remove color, odor, residual chlorine and organics substances.



Water softener, demineralizer, or called Na+ exchanger

Adopt cation resin to soften water, cation resin will absorb Ca2+, Mg2+(main elements for composing scale), reduce hardness of raw water, System can make resin intelligently regenerate, recycling



Security filter or pp filter, or called PP sediment filter

prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is 5µm



High pressure pump

Provide needed working pressure for RO system, ensure production capacity of pure water.

CNP pump, Grundfos optional


RO(reverse osmosis) system

Can remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, virus, heat source etc. harmful substances and 99% dissolved salts.

RO membranes USA Filmtec Dow




Product Overviews


Working Process Chart of battery water plant :

Raw water pump→ mechanical filter→ activated carbon filter→ sodium-ion exchanger→ precision filter→ high pressure pump →Reverse osmosis→ Ozone sterilizer (UV).

Chart Flow of battery water plant :

Production Technique Process of battery water plant :

Prepare accessories→ Welding rack→ Make electric control system→ Assembling machine→ Finished products (ro water treatment plant) → Test the machine → Pack the machine with carton or suitable package.




Why Choose us:

1.Using imported well-known brand USA DOW Reverse OsmosisMembranes,Desalination rate is more than or equal to 97%,Producing water quality is high and stable with lower cost.


2.On-line water quality monitoring and controling by flow meter. real-time monitoring of water quality to ensure safety of water quality.


3. Battery water plant On-line pressure monitoring and controling by pressure meter.


4   Battery water plant can utomatic control process with touch screen operation,easy for operation.


5. Battery water plant wash membranes about 90 seconds automatically. It can protect the membrane and extend its using life.


6.Low voltage protection switch: when the water pressure is low ,it can stop automatic to protect the pump.


7.According to raw water to offer the professional solution.Considerate stackable design,Occupies a small area.


8.Operating costs and maintenance cost low, automatic operation, can realize unmanned management operations.


9.Dense water can reached some part and zero discharge , completely meet environmental protection requirements of current , reduce the environmental costs .